Our Mission and Vision

CODE Staffing gives your company access to top-tier technical talent and a flexible workforce to help your company reach its maximum potential. We offer a vast network of industry-leading professionals as part of the CODE group of companies to help create a brighter future for your business.

Our top-of-the-line benefits and profit sharing help us find and keep top talent. Learn more about how we’re competing with some of the most sought-after companies in the industry, here.

Career Development and Staffing Reinvented!

You think great talent and cool positions only exist in Silicon Valley? Think again!

CODE Staffing is a high-tech, career development, and - for the lack of a better term - "staffing company", that provides a modern workplace with the number one goal being the development of talent and careers. The organization was started with the purpose of disrupting the staffing industry and providing an environment that attracts top talent. It is our goal to provide unrivaled benefits and a cool workplace culture with unlimited upward career development opportunity.

CODE Staffing is part of the larger CODE Group, which includes the CODE Consulting division (a consulting and custom app dev group), CODE Magazine, CODE Training, tools (such as CODE Framework and Photino), and more.

Many companies think they cannot provide a work environment that rivals the "cool Silicon Valley startups", and many employees think they won't be able to find such a workplace outside "The Valley". We have changed that equation!


Our Approach

CODE Staffing provides top-tier, contingent technical staff to strategic partners, building long-lasting partnerships through trust, transparency, and collaboration. Specializing in IT solutions for various industries, our comprehensive range of services can assist in creating a committed team tailored to your unique software requirements. With us, you can focus on your business while we take care of technical staffing.

CODE: Helping people build better software since 1993.

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Alan Griver on the Raising the Bar Podcast

Our COO explains how our approach reinvents the Employee Experience in his interviw on the Raising the Bar podcast.

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We value a partnership approach not just with our clients, but with our employees. Our staff is the bread and butter of our business, and we treat them accordingly offering unmatched benefits and a long-term investment mindset. We hire, and KEEP, the best IT talent in the industry.

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