Another month, another lunch and picture

by Yair Griver | September 3, 2023

Every month when yag and/or Markus is in Houston, we try to get together for lunch/dinner and we take a picture.

AI Training for all Staff

by Markus Egger | July 20, 2023

In a pioneering move, CODE Training division has conducted a comprehensive training session on utilizing OpenAI's Large Language Models (LLMs) to develop AI-driven Copilot features for business applications. Aimed not only at commercial interests, this program also aims to educate CODE's own staff across divisions. This initiative will benefit CODE's clientele, as employees remain at the forefront of AI development, contributing to cutting-edge projects. Additionally, CODE Group now offers diverse AI-related services, including an Executive Briefing designed to update company and organization leaders about AI's potential and its case-by-case relevance. Additional resources and links are provided for more information and a video recording demonstrating Copilot capabilities in applications is also available.

Scenes from an Italian? (not so much) Restaurant

by Yair Griver | June 30, 2023

In addition to our "welcome to CODE" lunches, the team at our largest client likes to get together for lunch every once in a while as well. Here are pictures from some of these lunches.

Monthly lunches and discussing our mission and vision

Yair Griver | 6/21/2023

Meeting our new employees monthly and the importance of regularly discussing our mission and vision with all our CODE Staffers.

Hello world! (Yes, I'm cheesy)

Yair Griver | 6/21/2023

Welcome to our new blog!

Copilot in Your Apps over Rectangular (SQL) Data

Markus Egger | 6/21/2023

In a recent State of .NET event, a remarkable demonstration showcased the capabilities of a custom Copilot utilizing Azure OpenAI. This large language model (LLM)-powered tool showcased its ability to navigate and reason over data across numerous SQL Server tables, challenging the perceived limitations of LLMs. By seamlessly integrating with a custom application, this Copilot unveiled the potential of intelligent machines and software working together to make informed decisions and optimize processes with unprecedented precision. This demo not only provided a glimpse into the future of technology but also emphasized the boundless possibilities of .NET and AI integration. The era of intelligent entities capable of learning, reasoning, and interacting with data has arrived, and the future promises even more exciting advancements.

Welcome to the CODE Magazine Artificial Intelligence Blog!

Markus Egger | 6/7/2023

Welcome to the CODE Magazine Artificial Intelligence Blog, your go-to resource for everything AI! Led by our luminary founder, Markus Egger, we aim to demystify the complex world of AI for our diverse audience, from software developers to IT decision-makers. With a blend of engaging articles, practical applications, and a dash of humor, our blog covers a wide spectrum of AI topics. From basic concepts to cutting-edge research, we aim to make AI as accessible as your favorite programming language. So, buckle up for a thrilling ride through the transformative and exhilarating world of AI, right here at the CODE Magazine AI Blog!